Refurbishment Process


All of our refurbished Dyson cleaners have been refurbished to the very highest of standards, and are offered with a full parts and labour guarantee. All work is carried out in our new purpose-built workshop by a professional team of experienced service engineers, and you can be assured of the very best refurbished Dyson cleaner with excellent performance and reliability.

First of all, the cleaner is completely stripped down to its individual component parts and each part is inspected for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Any imperfect parts are discarded and replaced with a new part. All plastic/ABS parts are then thoroughly cleaned using a high-power degreaser and detergent, then deep-rinsed in a high temperature disinfectant bath at 90 degrees centigrade to ensure all traces of dirt and odours are removed. All gaskets and seals are inspected and replaced if necessary.

The motor unit is stripped and checked out, then rebuilt using new bearings and brushes where necessary. The motor is then tested for suction, performance, noise and that it is running at the correct temperature. The clutch assembly is stripped and cleaned, then reassembled with a new clutch belt and the bearings lubricated. The brushbar is stripped and cleaned, checked for excess brush wear, and discarded if the brushes are worn, then rebuilt with regreased bearings. The mains flex for the cleaner is inspected for any sign of damage, splits, nicks, etc and discarded if any sign of damage is evident. The cyclone assembly, which is at the heart of the design of all Dyson cleaners is stripped, jetted out with compressed air, then modified internally to Dyson current-production spec, to ensure 100% airflow and no loss of suction power.

screenshot_2When the rebuild process is carried out, the cleaner is tested at all stages of assembly for perfect reliability, and fitted with a washable pre-motor filter and a lifetime post motor filter for low running costs. All of our refurbished Dyson cleaners are fitted with a freshener disc, which adds air freshener to your home while you clean. The cleaner is engraved with the date of production, tested for electrical safety, and a P.A.T test label affixed.

A full set of 3 on-board tools, (a crevice tool, brush tool and stair cleaning tool), is fitted to the cleaner. It is then given a final visual inspection and polish and is ready for despatch. We can supply a comprehensive instruction and maintenance leaflet with our refurbished Dyson cleaners.

As this is a refurbished cleaner there may be some slight scratches or imperfections which cannot be removed, no matter how thorough the cleaning process. This will in no way affect either the performance or the reliability of your Dyson.


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